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Boudhanath Pilgrimage

Boudhanath Pilgrimage

On the eastern side of Kathmandu, one of the world’s largest stupa is situated. Boudhanath stupa is well famous among the Buddhists specially the Tibetans. The Jotiswarup Chaitya was built in this stupa according to Buddhist holy books. The devotees of different religions come to visit this chaitya.

There are 108 Khopaas around the stupa every Khopaas have prayer wheels with holy mantra “Om Padme Hom”. Buddhanath Area is famous for festival on Buddhapurnima and Lhosar. It is center for trading colourful Thankas, Tibetan jewelry hand woven carpets, Mask and Khukuri. It is believed that a bone of Lord Buddha is safe in this stupa.

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